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All Wildlife Removal Inc. is the leader in humane wildlife control and removal and is your number one choice for unwanted wildlife animal control.

These videos give you, the home owner an understanding of how much importance should be placed on preventing wildlife from intruding on your home. Check out some of our wildlife removal and pest control videos below. These videos will give you an idea of how our services work and why we’re one of the most trusted wildlife removal services in Southern Ontario.

All Wildlife Removal Inc. serves homes and businesses in virtually all cities in Southern Ontario including Toronto, Barrie, Ancaster, Burlington and Oakville. If you’ve got pesky wildlife intruding on your personal space, we’re definitely the pest control company you should contact.

All Wildlife has expanded their primary service area to include Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Bradford, Orillia and Collingwood. Not sure if we service your area? Please give us a quick email or call to find out. And we guarantee the security of your premises from wildlife for up to 10 years!

It’s Bat Season And The Baby Bats Are Ready To Fly

This is the time of year where we start to getting more calls for bat control because the baby bats bats who were born in the spring have grown strong enough to fly. If a colony of bats has been quiet enough enough to undetected for some time in your attic, what customers usually see are bats …


Another Successful Wild Animal Removal

When it comes to wild animal removal, there’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you saved someone’s home and saved an animals life in the process. And here’s another case where we were called to remove a family of squirrels that set up shop in a family’s attic. When we arrived to take care of …


Watch All Wildlife Removal On “A Day On The Job”

When racoons, squirrels and bats see us coming, they know they’re about to get an eviction notice. For almost 15 years, we’ve been removing unwanted wildlife from people’s homes and last week “A Day On The Job” caught up with us and followed through the ins and outs of wildlife removal and animal control. Every …


See A Squirrel Entry Via The Roof (Video))

Not only does All Wildlife Removal Inc. provide humane wildlife removal and animal control services, but we’re a company that takes pride in helping those in need. In the video below you’ll see how we helped a Brampton man who lost his job because of an injury he sustained while on the job. All Wildlife …


See Wildlife Damage To A Roof Vent (Video)

This video shows why choosing an accredited wildlife control company is crucial to properly securing your home from wildlife entry. I was in Mississauga, where last year I quoted a house on full prevention of wildlife entry into a home for $1600.00, but the homeowner elected to go with a company which was cheaper. In …


What To Look For When Hiring A Pest Removal Company

Watch All Wildlife Removal Inc. on Global News where they talk about what to look for when hiring a pest removal company. The family owner had hired another pest control company to help her with her problems but in the end All Wildlife Removal had to do the job again, but this time it was …


All Wildlife Removal Inc. Always Helping Those In Need (Video)

In the video below you’ll see how we helped a Brampton man who lost his job because of an injury he sustained while on the job. All Wildlife Removal Inc. was more than happen to get this man on his feet again and help better his living conditions.


Why It’s Better To Choose A Professional Wildlife Control Company

In the video, you’ll see by the previous company’s work that it was definitely done cheap and unprofessionally. If you actually look at the job they did, of course you’ll see they may be able to keep a raccoon out of the attic.


Professionally Helping You Rodent Proof Your Premises

Watch All Wildlife Removal Inc. on CHCH News showing residents and business owners how to pest-proof their premises and keep pesky wildlife out of your way once and for all. And remember a hibernating racoon or squirrel can not only cost you money, but can cost you your health.


Removing Baby Racoons In January (Video)

A home-owner in Brampton needed to get baby racoon removal from his home in the middle of January. We’re not exactly sure why the racoons started breeding so early. It was most likely due to the fluctuating weather patterns we were having but none the less, they woke up this Brampton family in the middle of the night and that’s when they decided they needed to call the professionals.


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