Our Process

All Wildlife Removal Inc. is the leader in humane wildlife control and removal and is your number one choice for unwanted wildlife animal control.

We use humane methods to remove and prevent unwanted pests and put you back in control of your home.

When we are called in, we use an effective five-part process to solve your problem—for good.

We start with a thorough inspection to determine points of entry, assess the damage, and identify the problem species.

Next, we tackle the eviction, which involves removing and releasing the animal(s) humanely, but we don’t stop there.

We take care of prevention so you won’t find yourself dealing with the same issue this time next year.

After we have successfully removed the wildlife and put structural reinforcements in place to prevent further intrusions, we start on the restoration process to remove any damage caused by the wildlife.

Last but not least, we look after decontamination so you can rest assured knowing your property is clean and safe.


Part 1: Inspection

All Wildlife Removal technicians locate all entry areas and identify future problem areas.

We identify the problem species.

We perform a complete inspection of your walls, bricks and mortar joints, as well as soffits, gables, vents, roof, chimney, garage doors, check for drip edge on roofline, attic for contamination (such as feces and urine), and any other potential problem areas, depending on particular structure. At this point we know if there are babies of a particular species present and plan accordingly.

At this time an All Wildlife Removal technician will write up a total prevention and eviction quote that offers a full 5-year guarantee against all species.

You will be presented with a detailed quote for humane removal and eviction, as well as answers to any questions you may have.

You and the technician will agree on a mutual time and date for prevention and eviction work.


Part 2: Eviction

All Wildlife Removal Inc. technicians would prefer not to come in direct contact with problem animals and therefore use one-way doors in lieu of live trapping methods. However, in some cases the animals are inside living spaces and need to be removed humanely using physical contact.

All Wildlife Removal Inc. technicians will screen off all possible entry ways, install drip edge, wrap roof vents and plumbing systems, and caulk any gaps to ensure all access points are secured, as some species can gain access through a hole as small as a dime.

We will install one-way door systems at the primary entry point and set indicators to identify traffic.


Part 3: Prevention

Once the animals have been evicted and relocated (usually within days) we can re-examine and address any insulation issues that may have been caused from animal activity.

Our dedicated team of professionals will treat your home/office/cottage/building as if it were their own, making the prevention work as discreet as possible.

Should your insulation require removal, we are fully equipped to handle this too. We are able to remove all contaminated material, decontaminate, and re-insulate back to code or better (R80 if required).

Remove any one-way doors and secure area to prevent further entries.


Part 4: Restoration

We won’t leave you hanging once the wildlife has been removed. Through our sister company All Attic Restoration, we perform a range of specific attic repair and decontamination duties in response to the destruction wildlife and pests may have caused in your home or attic.

Whether you need insulation top-ups, bathroom vent repairs (or new installations), or soffit reinforcements, we ensure your home is fully repaired.


Part 5: Decontamination

Many wild animal species carry various diseases and can cause serious harm or injury; let a professional wildlife expert handle it right the first time.

Our team will advise you on the need for a sanitation cleanup and we’ll perform the duty for you in accordance with the law.

A full attic restoration in conjunction with our removal and prevention services will bring your attic back to code and safe from future intrusions.

Call Today to Book an Inspection

Our technicians will inspect your roof, attic, insulation, walls, vents, chimney, soffits and roof soffit intersections (RSI) and all possible areas of vulnerability and give you a complete description of what is happening in your home/cottage or office.