All Wildlife Removal Inc. is the leader in humane wildlife control and removal and is your number one choice for unwanted wildlife animal control.

Meet The All Wildlife Removal Crew

Check out photos of our wildlife removal team of technicians and office staff. Our team works hard to ensure your wildlife problems are dealt with swiftly, that your wildlife problems will be under control and that they won’t come back again!

dave stripe
kevin whitaker
liam donnell
rich ward
don erwin
elliot myers
clancy mcnamara
paul stevens
Nick Barrett
Jeff Ireland
mike fleming
dane mullings
abdul hasan
brandon fleming
alaina ballantyne
carmen austin
kate sygrove
jessie taylor

Call Today to Book an Inspection

Our technicians will inspect your roof, attic, insulation, walls, vents, chimney, soffits and roof soffit intersections (RSI) and all possible areas of vulnerability and give you a complete description of what is happening in your home/cottage or office.