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If you’ve noticed sounds coming from different parts of the house that are usually empty, it could mean animals are living in your home. Hearing animal sounds throughout the home isn’t a thought to dismiss. It needs to be dealt with immediately. Not only are these creatures a nuisance, but they can also bring in diseases, contaminate food and damage your home. Not something to put off for later.

From scratching, scurrying, thumping and other pitter-patter noises, different animals will make different sounds. If you hear a tapping sound in the walls, it will be one of these animals listed below. The easiest way to figure out what animal is living in your home is by the various sounds they make.


1. Squirrels

squirrel entering attic through roof line

Squirrels keep a tight schedule, and you’ll generally hear them in the morning or at night, as they’re entering and exiting the house. Their scheduled lifestyle means their presence is usually heard only at certain times of the day, particularly as they’re coming and going.

These fast and light creatures are quick runners, and you’ll hear their quick scurrying footsteps. Squirrels can be a bit erratic and don’t typically make vocal noises. When they’re going out to eat and forage, however, their entrance and exit are very noisy.

Squirrel sounds are more pronounced in September to October and April to June when the younger squirrels are big enough to run around. They make scratching and jumping noises, leaving you wondering what’s moving across the ceiling. You’re more likely to hear them moving through the attic or near the roof edge, walls, and chimney.

2. Raccoons

raccoon in a garbage can

You’ll know if you have a raccoon in your house. These big creatures make their presence known and are particularly noisy. Their slow movements, combined with heavy thudding steps and the tendency to thrash around, make them easy creatures to identify.

You’ll hear these nocturnal critters the most at night. Their heavy footsteps make them a pretty distinct pick in determining what kind of animal that sound is coming from.


Take a look at the video below to see the type of damage they can cause:



Raccoons have a notorious reputation for getting stuck in attics and waking the whole house. They enter attics looking for shelter. If they like the place, they’ll start to make a home, creating a tapping sound in the wall at night while tearing at ductwork and digging into the insulation.

You’ll hear them running back and forth in the ceiling and scratching at the drywall. Raccoons are also vocal creatures and have a distinct crying chatter. On top of the annoying soundtrack, this is a strong indication that they have babies.

The most common time of year for them to break in is early spring, as they are looking for a safe place to give birth to their litters. Having said that, they are very active during all nonwinter months. Although the easiest to identify, they do the most damage. Time is of the essence if you discover raccoons living in any structure on your property. Raccoon removal should only be attempted by professionals. 


3. Mice and Rats

mouse chewing through wall in kitchen

Although they’re smaller, these creatures are still a nuisance. Mice usually make their homes in the attic, further establishing their presence. They isolate to one area of the house, with digging and chewing as some of the first signs you’ll hear from them. These quick critters move so fast that if you do see one scurry across the floor, you might think it’s a trick of the light.

You’ll hear mice and rats scampering about, running across the ceiling or down the walls. They tend to be the loudest right after dark when it’s quiet when they leave the shelter to forage for food. When they’re making their nests, you’ll hear repeated scratching and digging. These sounds can be faint or loud depending on the architecture and acoustics of your home. 

If you’re hearing a tapping sound in the wall at night, there’s a good chance you have some new houseguests. Call the experts and inquire about removal services. Once animals enter, they make it their home too, and this unwanted invitation can turn into a growing problem. Wildlife removal experts will come in and remove the animal, inspect for existing entry points, and protect your home from future intrusions by implementing preventative measures.





Liam Donnell

Liam takes pride in working as a technician for All Wildlife Removal Inc. In his free time, he loves being outdoors and enjoys skiing, fishing, and golfing. Raccoon? Bungalow? No problem.