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If you have a mouse problem, your first concern is to get rid of the mice before they can cause any more damage. But it’s not always straightforward when deciding who to call and what the difference is between animal services.

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Read below to find out what’s involved in humane mouse removal and why it’s your best bet.

The Steps

Humane mouse removal involves controlled methods to thoroughly and safely evict unwanted critters while causing as little stress as possible to the animals. This service includes a customized treatment plan using special equipment to locate all wildlife and remove any dead carcasses that may be in the home.

Humane services extend beyond eviction to include restoration and repair, whether it’s because it’s needed during the eviction stage or after the process is complete. They’ll handle and eliminate any biohazardous risks and decontaminate the property, leaving the area clean for your health and safety.

It’s made up of a five-stage process: inspect, evict, prevent, restore, and decontaminate. They’ll see where mice are entering, locate problem areas in the home, and determine the best eviction method with the least amount of damage. They’ll use one way doors to get mice out and prevent re-entry, and secure access points to ensure there are no other entrances.

Restoration and decontamination involves repairing any destruction and reinforcing problem areas so they’re no longer inviting. Humane mouse removal includes sanitization and advice about the best way to clean your home so it remains free of dangerous animal waste. It’s a permanent removal solution.

The Difference Between Options

Exterminators, The Humane Society, wildlife removal services, and the SPCA can all be overwhelming choices when your first priority is getting the mouse out, and you’re not sure what the difference is between any of them.

Humane mouse removal differs in the core root of their business: safely removing wildlife found in or around the home and establishing a long-term process so animals don’t return. Unlike exterminators who focus on a quick solution for eliminating mice, humane services follow up with a procedure that keeps them out in the future.

The Humane Society and the SPCA seem like good options as well, considering their mantra regarding animals, but at the end of the day, they only deal with domestic and sick or injured animals, while a humane wildlife removal service, such as All Wildlife Removal, deals with all types of wildlife. We also offer additional services to inspect the home for infestation, stop future entry, and decontaminate the space.

Humane mouse removal takes the extra step by first assessing the situation thoroughly and then enforcing preventative measures. Other wildlife services won’t come into the home, search inside the walls, and check vulnerable areas as their focus is merely removing dead animals. Humane mouse removal involves more than disposal.

The All Wildlife Removal Inc. Advantage

We handle a variety of services that other mouse removal services don’t. Exterminators won’t implement permanent solutions that address why mice are coming inside your home, and this doesn’t help you if mice return in the future. They also use harsh poisons, which are cruel and include other health and safety risks. Our humane methods don’t require dangerous chemicals, and we limit the amount of stress and harm caused to the animal, while getting them out thoroughly.

All Wildlife Removal has the experience to thoroughly and efficiently deal with mice in the home: locating all entry points, sealing up entrances and vulnerable areas, and removing mice as safely as possible—even reuniting babies with their mothers if that’s the case. We implement a long-lasting solution to ensure wildlife won’t return.

Humane mouse removal is about more than simply getting rid of mice. It includes those extra steps to guarantee they stay out for good.

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