Restaurant Pest Control

Mouse And Rodent Control For Restaurants

If you’re a restaurant owner, you know there’s no tolerance whatsoever for allowing mice and pest problems to persist in your establishment. In Canada, when it comes to food safety related to pests and rodents, the laws and policies are strict, and if you don’t abide by them, your restaurant establishment be closed down. If the problem persists, being closed down is one thing, but losing all your patrons is another.

What to do if your restaurant has a pest problem

Whether your restaurant has been closed down because of an infestation of some sort, or if you’ve found a mouse or pest problem before you’ve been inspected, you’ve come to the right place. Your objective is to clean up your establishment and rid it of all potential health risks and you want to ensure that the problem doesn’t persist. For the most part, most restaurant owners or food establishments that encounter pest and mice issues, generally have to deal with the problem recurring, but not with us. We provide a service that will ensure any pests will be treated humanely, but never have the chance to enter your restaurant again.

When mice are killed with rat poison and traps, it usually stops the problem for a time, but the problem almost always recurs within a few months. With our process, we remove the trespassers humanely, and ensure they can’t get back in again. That's what we call security, and that security will bring your restaurant up to code immediately.

Catch them before you’re caught

If you’re lucky, you’ve found the pests in your Ontario restaurant before Health Canada did or before you were reported by a sick patron.

We provide a comprehensive pest management program for mice infestations which include the following:
  • outside inspections of the perimeter, identifying entry points and creating superior entry barriers
  • internal inspections to identify entry points and nesting areas
  • humane removal of rodents (and other wildlife) and creating entry barriers if necessary
  • clean up and area treatments to rid the establishment of odours, bacteria and evidence of mice
  • inspection of outside grounds to determine and rectify areas that may provide the conditions of an infestation

Do we kill mice? The problem with simply killing mice and leaving the scene as is, is that mice will always come back. This applies to restaurants and homes. We’ve put together an article conveying why killing mice with poison or traps doesn’t work and why using a humane pest control company can actually solve your problem once and for all. 

We manage pest problems for restaurants, bars, pubs, and fast-food establishments

If you’re the owner of any establishment that serves food to the public, and found a rodent problem, call the experts. By swiftly addressing the problem, we’ll ensure your establishment is up to Canadian standards, and reduce the risk of getting shut down.