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All Wildlife Removal Inc. is the leader in humane wildlife control and removal and is your number one choice for unwanted wildlife animal control.

Below are a few of the All Wildlife Removal Inc. professional partnerships. We at All Wildlife Removal strive to work with and build ongoing relationships with local wildlife control and pest removal firms. Feel free to read the information below and follow the links to their websites for more information.


Abell's approach at Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is all about controlling pests in the safest, most efficient manner possible. That starts with properly identifying the pest you are dealing with. Here you will find descriptions on the most common pests people call us about. If you're uncertain about a pest you've found in or around your home or business, you can find more information here. If you can't identify the pest you have, Abell has entomologists on staff that can identify pests from around the world.


Services: pest management & control


The Brant County SPCA provides a healthy environment for the animals in their care and strive to find welcoming homes for adoptive animals. They continue to provide these services with the help from the community and gracious donations of time, money and items on our wish list are invaluable to us.

Services:animal adoptions, animal care, animal welfare.


The Barrie SPCA, is a part of a network of 50 plus Communities. The Ontario SPCA is one of the largest, most responsive animal welfare organizations in the country, providing care and shelter for tens of thousands of animals every year. The Ontario SPCA is unique amongst animal welfare organizations in Ontario and helps enforce animal cruelty laws and provides Ontario SPCA Community investigators with police powers to do so.

Services: animal protection, animal care, animal welfare.

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Our technicians will inspect your roof, attic, insulation, walls, vents, chimney, soffits and roof soffit intersections (RSI) and all possible areas of vulnerability and give you a complete description of what is happening in your home/cottage or office.