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Mice Removal

mouse entering through basement We are your mice removal experts in Southern Ontario. We offer a mice (and rat) removal services lifetime warranty. We provide total removal and eviction of rodents from your home, business or cottage. All Wildlife Removal Inc. does not use snap traps or poison to remove these critters as this can cause other problems. We pride ourselves in being a humane company. The mice population in Ontario is growing exponentially, adding to what has already reached epidemic proportions in many areas.

Evicting mice from your home is a surprisingly clean and 100% effective process for a wildlife removal expert. Because mice are such prolific breeders, its important you deal with their presence quickly before it becomes a full blown infestation

Below is a comprehensive resource on mice removal and prevention. We have some helpful videos, links and advice to help you permanently and humanely deal with raccoons.

Confirming It's Mice

 Identifying Noises

mouse in corner of roomThe easiest way to identify what species you're dealing with is by noticing the noises the animal is making. Each species exhibits behaviours that translate into specific noises that will help you identify them. 

Although mice are the smallest of pests we commonly encounter, they are also the most populous. Unless you are lucky enough to have caught them in the first few weeks, a mouse problem never consists of just a few. Not to scare you but you are probably dealing with hundreds, or more.

They breed at such a rapid clip that within six months of finding their way in, the population has usually reached a number totalling in the hundred. As the population grows in numbers, the likelier it is you will notice their presence.

The sounds you wanna keep an ear out for are scratching and scurrying sounds. Usually coming from your attic, ceiling or walls. Mice love the insulation found in your attic and walls it allows them to travel quietly throughout your home looking for food. You will hear rapid running above your head, or scratching concentrated in one area. As soon as you move, they will stop what they were doing and go quiet for a few minutes. That is another surefire sign it's mice making those noises.  


Visual evidence

Another great way to confirm the presence of ice id to look for evidence around your home. Mice will poop in places they frequent often (under the stove, in drawers and cupboards, basement shelves, etc). They will also chew through wood to gain access to areas. These will be in out of the way and hidden spaces, but you should be able to see evidence if you look closely. Last place, if your motivated and feeling industrious is to check your attic. Mice will tunnel through the insulation and leave obvious signs they have been there.


Check out the video below for an video what to look for in your attic:





Time Of Day

mouse chewing through wallThe next easiest way of identifying what species you're dealing with is by observing what time you notice activity. Mice will be most active during the middle of the night. Having said that, if you're home during the day and are sitting perfectly still for an extended period of time they may be fooled into thinking the house is empty and come out and play. But the bulk of the activity is during the night hours.

The fact that you are most likely dealing with hundreds of mice (as opposed to one raccoon or a few squirrels) makes it difficult to pinpoint their exact timing and behaviors. Because it is such a large population that can be active during both day and night. Mice are by far the shyest of critters we deal with. They will only be active if they think the house is empty. So if your hearing quick scurrying or scratching sounds during quiet hours; congratulations, you have mice.


TIME OF year

Mice are a nuisance 12 months a year, unlike other species they do not hibernate or take any seasons off. In fact, the exact opposite is true. When the colder weather arrives, we see a significant uptick in mouse calls. They spend less time outside during the winter months for obvious reasons.

Come late October, if your hearing scratching noises above your heads is most likely mice. You have one of two options; waste 6-12 months with poison and traps hoping, while the population in your walls, basement and attic multiplies exponentially. Or have one of our technicians come out and begin the process of permanently evicting these rodents once and for all. Our lifetime warranty gives you the peace of mind of knowing you will not have to address this again down the road. 


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How We Evict Them


3 Ways to Protect Your Roof from an Animal Infestation--The first thing we need to do is inspect your house. Each case is completely unique and requires a tailor-made solution. It's impossible to even speculate what steps need to be undertaken until one of our technicians has had a chance to thoroughly inspect the exterior, roof, attic and garage. 

Our technicians are experienced and highly trained wildlife professionals. With over 50 years combined experience in house, our team will be able to provide you with all the answers you need. Mouse prevention is a highly specialized area of pest control and wildlife prevention. It requires an attention to detail and a high level of expertise. 

The inspection will take about 30 minutes and involves a thorough examination of all affected areas. Our technician will thoroughly inspect the exterior of the structure, get up on the roof and inspect the roof line, roof vents and plumbing vents and finally, we will have a look in the attic and any other relevant areas, such as garages and sheds. For mouse prevention, a lot of the story is told up in your attic. Mice tend to leave clear signs that to a trained professional will tell us approximate size of the population your dealing with, roughly how long they have been there and extent of damage done, if any.

Upon completion, we will sit down with you and go over our findings in detail, after which you will be presented with an itemized quote for all the suggested preventative measures.


As you can see on the video below, mice do not need much space to gain entry into your home:





 Mice Removal Process

specil one way door used in removal of miceThe eviction process is simpler than you may think. It's impractical to approach this problem by looking at dealing with the entire population. It makes more sense to address the building as a whole, eliminate all but one exit and entry point, and starve them out. In time they will run out of food, and leave through the only area left available. 

Our method involves the use of a one-way door system which allows the mice to leave on their own once things quiet down and everyone is gone. We seal up every possible entry point and place a one-way door in the area it uses to enter your building. The animal's body weight will press down a lever allowing the animal to exit, this lever will snap back up behind it locking it out permanently. Your houseguest will typically leave during the first night.

Once the animal is successfully evicted we return to remove the door and seal up the area.


Prevention Measures

technician mouse proofing a homeBecause mice are such prolific breeders, attempting to trap or poison them is an exercise in futility. This amounts to nothing more than population control. The only option is to employ a comprehensive exclusion process.

We seal off all possible entry points. Reinforce any problem areas and offer you a lifetime warranty, thus ensuring your peace of mind and confidence in the fact this issue is dealt with permanently. Lastly, we decontaminate the affected area, riding the surfaces of the mice's hormonal scent. This drastically reduces the chances of new wildlife picking up the scent and attempting and join the party. 



Once we have removed the rodents from your home, business or cottage we need to perform a clean up. Body oils from nesting, urine and feces scattered all throughout your attic is a haven for disease. These scents can attract more rodents in the future. You want to make sure you clean up the mess to protect your family's health. Rodents are dirty animals and can carry diseases. Special care must be taken to clean up the urine and feces. This should not be attempted on your own and due to the dangers our rodent removal experts wear protective gloves and suits to avoid contamination.

Our team will clean up the affected areas, removing any debris, or mess left by the animals. More often than not this is sufficient. We will also replace any ceiling tiles, shelves etc as long as the materials are provided and made available on the day the work is being completed. 

If repairs need to be completed beyond the scope of our expertise, we work with several local contractors and can make some recommendations if necessary.

If a more thorough cleanup and decontamination of affected areas after removal of mice, our technician will address this during the initial inspection.

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A single mouse or even a few don't seem like much of a threat to your home. I mean how much damage can they really do? The answer, a lot. At the rate mice breed it only takes a few months before your looking at an infestation. A pair of breeding mice can become as many as 60 mice within the first six months. Of course you have more than one pair breeding in your home. Do the math, it's frightening. 

It's with these growing numbers in mind you need to consider the damage mice can do. Here are a few areas typically at risk:

  • Your attic - they tunnel through the insulation / contaminate the area with feces and urine
  • Chewed electrical wires - damaging electrical systems as well as an obvious fire risk
  • Damage to the roof line, wall vents, floor boards etc 
  • General wear and tare - rendering insulation in walls and attic ineffective over time / large scale contamination through feces and urine.

With mice it is never an obvious affront on a section of your house. Through sheer numbers, they slowly, over time, will cost you thousands up in thousands in remediation, repairs or worse if not dealt with quickly and permanently. 

Have a look at some mouse damage found recently at a customers attic:



Contamination And Disease


dirty area contaminated by mice presenceMice are amongst the filthiest pests we encounter. Actually, they are making a very strong case for being the dirtiest, bacteria covered species of wildlife found in your home. They scurry through sewers, garbage and all kinds of unsanitary places. It stands to reason they are also known to carry several diseases that humans, pets and other forms of wildlife can contract.

Mice are very clever and only need a hole the size of a dime to invade your home. Once inside your home they begin a cycle of destruction and devastation. Their quick removal is important. Through their urine, feces and saliva they can quickly contaminate food and water, living spaces as well as contribute air born pathogens and bacteria. Do not take the presence of mice in your home lightly, if left too long it will quickly get out of control.

Here are the most common diseases mice carry:

  • Hanta virus - exposure to feces
  • Salmonellosis - contaminated food/water
  • Leptospirosis - contaminated water by urine
  • Lyme Disease - bite from a tick (mice carry these ticks)

If your hearing scratching noises or seeing evidence of mice activity in and around your home, do not make the mistake of putting it off until the fall or spring. Have one of our technicians come by and assess the situation and give you some answers. One thing is certain, they will not leave on their own over time. Call us to book an inspection.


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The reason we have incredible employee retention is due to our unique compensation model. We have set up a true, real-time profit sharing model for all our employees. Effectively making every technician an owner in this company. The expenses for each pay period are calculated and our team's shares in the success of the company as we grow. This model ensures you will receive the best possible service and workmanship. Our team understands that it affects all our bottom line if the work was not completed perfectly the first time. A recipe for success and accountability. 

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