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You’ve made an unfortunate discovery: There’s wildlife living in your home. And much to your dismay, they don’t look well. You want to get these animals out as quickly as possible while making sure your family and pets don’t get sick along the way. 

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Keep reading and find out how to deal with sick wildlife in your home.

Signs of Sick Wildlife

Sometimes, it’s obvious that animals are sick, but other times, it’s harder to tell. A critter living in your home may not show any symptoms. 

Obvious signs of sick wildlife include open wounds and bleeding, where it’s clearly visible the animal has some sort of infection. Pus and discharge around the eyes, either clear or opaque in colour, are another indication the animal needs help. Sick animals sometimes look wet even when it hasn’t rained. Injured limbs, twitching and shaking, loss of balance, and missing, dirty, and matted fur or feathers are other noticeable signs to determine if wild animals in your home are ill. 

Sick animals also have varying behaviours. An easy way to tell if an animal is sick is to pay attention to its reaction to humans. Close proximity, appearing blind, and acting sleepy as it’s approached by people are strong indications the animal isn’t doing well. Wild animals typically hide or run when approached by people. Slouched posture, resting in open areas, and an overall stillness towards humans indicate something is off with the animal. If it’s not concerned with your proximity, be concerned about its health. 

On the opposite end, overly aggressive behaviour—such as an animal being aggressive towards objects or other animals or gnawing on its own limbs—is also an indication of sickness and possibly rabies.

Don’t Attempt DIY Removal Methods

Removing sick wildlife from the home yourself shouldn’t even be a last resort. Wildlife living in your home are often carriers of zoonotic diseases, and catching one is the last thing you want to deal with. Without the proper means and tools, it’s too risky. It increases your odds of contracting diseases. 

DIY animal removal is also problematic unless you’re well-versed in wildlife law, such as trap and relocation. You need to know the animals well, from their habits and preferences to lifestyle needs, to determine the best control strategy. Unless you have a more than adequate understanding of animal behaviour, it’s best to avoid DIY removal altogether. 

Don’t attempt to care for the wildlife yourself, either. This is actually illegal, and if you must try to help the animal, there are temporary care instructions you can follow. Without the proper training and despite your best intentions, you may end up doing more harm than good.

You Need Professional Services

Sick wild animals living in your home need humane wildlife removal services. The professionals can find out how the animals got in, get them out safely, and refit gaps so animals can’t find new entrances inside. They’ll get animals out using humane methods that abide by the law.

If sick wild animals are found outside on your property, there are wildlife rehabilitators who can help. While rehabilitators are great options and trained to provide specialized care for sick or injured wildlife, they don’t have the means to get the wildlife out from inside the home.

For sick critters in unreachable interior spaces, or those simply living in the home, professional removal services have the tools and equipment to get inside and get wildlife out. Once that’s done, they’ll help with repairs and decontamination to make your home a safe space again.

Don’t hesitate to call animal removal services. Let the professionals handle evicting sick wildlife from your home.


Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens, owner of All Wildlife Removal Inc. provides wildlife animal and pest control services for Southern Ontario. His company All Wildlife Removal Inc. has been featured on several local news networks showcasing the wildlife removal services. All Wildlife Removal Inc. has been protecting homes and business properties from wildlife and pests with over 20 years of combined experience. Paul and his team of wildlife removal techs take pride in educating the community about wildlife removal and why choosing an accredited wildlife control company can save you thousands of dollars a year and keep your family safe.