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As the word implies, exterminators exterminate mice, rodents, and other pests. But what exactly do exterminators do for mice and other rodents? What is the end result of an extermination and what do they do as far as mice control goes? The answer may not be what you think and and most likely not what you’re looking for.

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Mice and rat extermination is almost always a temporary fix to a much larger and extensive problem. A team comes in, searches for the signs of mice and rats, spreads their chemical poisons, traps or baits and come back in time to gather the dead carcasses. Some exterminator companies don’t return to pick up the dead rodents, and expect you to dispose of them yourself. Ew.

Exterminating mice and rodents doesn’t solve the problem

rat-outside-homeFor some extermination seems like a good idea even if they have to dispose the dead rodents themselves. For the most part it seems the job has been done, but the most important part of dealing with infestations is controlling them from returning to your home or attic and if that’s not done, you can expect to see more mice or rodents in the very near future.

As long as they have a means of getting into your home, they’ll keep returning and if they continue to cause entry damage, you can expect bigger animals like squirrels and raccoons making their way in as well.

Exterminators kill, and along with the aforementioned pitfalls to extermination, the most deploring aspect is that it’s inhumane. If there’s a safe, effective and humane way to remove mice or any form of wildlife from a home safely, we have to ask, why aren’t you doing it the humane way?

Then there’s the sanitation issue. Killing mice and rats doesn’t address the damage and sanitary issues caused by fecal matter and urine waste. With extermination all this is left behind to rot out your home along with the dead bodies.

Lastly, there’s the smell of decaying mice and rat carcasses the home owner has to deal with and as many customers have told us over the years and we’ve found, the odour doesn’t go away too easily. Is that what you’re looking for when it comes to controlling a mouse infestation? We definitely thought not.

The way to stop rodents and mice in their tracks is through pest control and exclusion

Pest control and exclusion is the only viable way of ensuring a mice or rat infestation doesn’t return. Every area of the home needs to be inspected, and especially areas of a home that are known to be more susceptible to wildlife intrusions. If you read the following list of ways mice get into a home, you’ll see why extermination simply doesn’t work:

  • holes and cracks in external home walls
  • chewing through wood virtually anywhere they seen an opportunity
  • gaps and cracks between windows and home structure
  • sewer lines and drainage pipes
  • underneath doors and in doorframe cracks and gaps
  • through weep vents and any kind of un-sealed air vents
  • eavestroughs not sealed with drip edge
  • brick-soffit gaps
  • the list goes on

Choosing pest control and exclusion over extermination will always prove to be the better option as it will put an end to an infestation and stop rodents/mice in their tracks.

Pest control and exclusion includes a thorough inspection for mice and rats, the set up of effective prevention, removal of the source of the infestation and of course the sanitary cleanup.

You may have to pay a little extra but the long term benefits of pest control/exclusion far outweigh the temporary effects of the work of an exterminator.

Now that you’re in the know, all it takes is making an informed decision; one that will maintain the value of your home and ensure it’s safe for your entire family.

Mice removal is a complex process that should only be done by professionals. 

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Paul Stevens

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