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Raccoons are not a subtle intruder, as you can see in the above video they can, and will cause significant damage to your home if given the opportunity. The key to successfully and permanently evicting raccoons from your attic is to understand a little bit about their behavior. From there you can move on and identify the vulnerable areas on your home and take measures to address these issues.

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About Raccoons

The 3 key factors to keep in mind when attempting to outwit and evict raccoons are the following:

  • Raccoons are nocturnal - raccoons will rest during the day and leave their dens in the evening. So chances are there will be animals in your living space when any prevention work takes place. an important factor to consider.
  • Raccoons are territorial - these industrious little guys will stick to a certain neighborhood. Within given areas, typically no more than a few kilometers, raccoons can have up to 3 different dens. Just because you have not heard or seen your unwanted houseguest in a few days does not mean the problem s resolved. They are simply at one of their other neighborhood hangouts. 
  • Baby season - raccoons mate in the early winter months and have their litters in the spring. You want to avoid having raccoons give birth in your home at all costs. This compounds the issue significantly and assures future generations will instinctively return to your home to have their litters. s mess best avoided. By the time first snow hits, you want to make sure your attic is critter free.

Wildlife Inspection 

damage to home by raccoonsThe first step in the eviction process is to have a wildlife inspection completed. This is a great idea regardless of whether or not you are currently experiencing a wildlife-related problem. Having a trained technician complete a thorough examination of your home is a tremendous investment. They will climb in your attic, jump up on your roof and are trained to identify current and future problem areas. For a nominal fee, you will be armed with information that can allow you to be proactive and save you thousands of dollars down the road.

The technician will go over the exterior of your home with a fine tooth comb and determine exactly how the raccoons are getting in, and what needs to be secured to prevent any future reentries. Without understanding how and where they are getting into your home, it's impossible to successfully prevent this from happening again. 

Raccoons are crafty and strong animals. They will often damage siding or vents to access your attic. Other times it is less obvious. Either way, a trained wildlife professional will identify all vulnerable area and provide a detailed quote outlining all their suggested services. 

 Wildlife Removal Process

one way door system for raccoonsNow we are ready to evict your furry intruders.  The first step will be for the technicians to complete a thorough search of your attic. This serves two purposes: first, it will allow us to identify any baby raccoons that may be in the living space. It is cruel and a certain death sentence to separate young from their mother. Secondly, often times the presence of humans will scare the mother back out through her initial entry point. 

If the presence of babies is detected, we will immediately extract the young raccoons and place them in a heated baby box. We will place this box in an accessible area near where the mother will exit the premise. Mothers become very motivated to find their offspring when separated. 

The next step is to dress any and all vulnerable areas on your home. This usually entails screening off roof vents, reinforcing soffit and siding as well as several other proven preventative measures. Because of their strength and dexterity, it's important to be thorough in securing potential problem areas on the exterior of your home. 

The last step in to install a one-way door system. even if you are certain the animal was chased out during the initial steps in the removal process, its imperative to have a one-way door installed for at least one week. Occasionally animals will hide behind firewalls or go undetected. This will allow any remaining animals to leave unharmed and rejoin the rest of the gang.

However tempting it may be to attempt to resolve your raccoon problem on your own, it's best to leave this type of work to trained professionals. Chances are you will only complicate matters or endanger the animals. It may seem like a simple enough process but raccoon removal should only be done by trained professionals. 




Brandon Fleming

Brandon has been part of the All Wildlife Inc. family as a technician for five years. Outside of work, his go-to activities include camping, fishing, and hiking. Brandon loves the opportunity to work with beautiful and smart animals every day on the job. He enjoys meeting new people and helping animals find a safe place to live (outside of your home) and couldn’t be happier doing this work.