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If you’ve discovered mice in your home, you want to get them out as quickly as possible. There are several different ways to do this, but not all ways are equal. The main challenge is twofold; they are prolific breeders which makes it difficult to stay on top of the issue and secondly, they can squeeze into the tiniest of places, therefore, sealing of your home is a tricky process for an untrained person.

 If you’re considering home remedies to resolve your mouse issue, you may want to think again. Keep reading to learn about common home remedies, why they don’t work, and what your best option is.

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Types of Remedies


ultrasonic mouse repellent There are a number of home remedies claiming to be effective for evicting mice from your attic. Mothballs, peppermint oil, and ultrasonic sound waves are frequently marketed as home remedies that work. Unfortunately, their effects are temporary, and while these methods may lower the presence of mice in attic, they don’t offer a permanent solution. They simply will force the rodents to switch up their routines temporarily and avoid certain spaces during certain times. However, they will never prevent mice from entering your home or encourage them to leave permanently. 

Mothballs are thought to evict mice due to the strong smell the chemicals emit, as they’re quite toxic. However, these balls don’t work because even if the smell bothers mice, mice simply move to a different entrance that’s free of mothballs. It’s not a strong enough tactic to deter them completely, and a pet or child is more likely to stumble upon these white balls left around the house. 

Using peppermint oil to get rid of mice is an old wives’ tale. High quantities of this oil were thought to evict mice because of their sensitive smell, as high levels of this oil can be quite potent. What’s often forgotten is that smells rise, and as mice remain close to the ground, the smell doesn’t remain close to them long enough to work. Plus, essential oils can be very expensive to purchase. 

Ultrasonic devices aren’t worth the investment. They really do nothing when it comes to mouse eviction as they’re overall ineffective. While the sound frequency from the machine is meant to irritate mice enough to leave their current environment, mice in attic sometimes become used to the sound to the point where they can live with it. 

Mice are adaptable creatures. Regardless of the home remedy used, they’ll just look for a new space in the home, instead of leaving it completely.



Home remedies lack several key things: proper equipment, knowledge, and most importantly, a permanent solution that keeps mice out for good. Noise repellants, for example, have no conclusive evidence that they work. Store-bought traps, such as live traps, could be set improperly and end up hurting the mouse. 

The biggest takeaway point if you’re contemplating using home remedies is that they don’t provide a permanent answer. They only deter mice from coming back to the area where the home remedy was placed, allowing mice the opportunity to find a new part of the home to live in that’s free of said solution. These fixes only provide a short-term solution that doesn’t deal with the full process of animal eviction. 

Home remedies also disregard the cleanup process homeowners have to deal with after mice are gone. Leaving traces of mouse behind make the area animal-friendly to other critters, and soon you could find yourself dealing with new tenants in the attic. A home remedy has to do more than get rid of a mouse—it has to keep it out for good.


What You Need to Do

To permanently get rid of mice, you need professional wildlife removal services. They have the training, knowledge, and equipment to get rid of mice in the attic for good. After assessing the situation, they use an eviction process that’s humane while ensuring every last mouse gets out. The only sure fire way to permanently and humanely rid yourselves of the entire mouse population in your home is to seal up every possible entry point and basically starve the critters out.

Decontaminating the area is also a priority, and they’ll ensure your attic is free of related bacteria and doesn’t look marketable to new wildlife. Mice follow the hormonal scent of their peers, so if the contaminated areas are not sanitized, other animals will be attracted by the scent. Humane services make sure the home is mouse-proofed by refitting any gaps and sealing up entry points. They’ll efficiently control the problem with the necessary techniques and products to get rid of mice in the attic.


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