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Got skunks on your property? Skunks are a very common animal to find in residential areas, including rural, suburban, and even urban areas. They’re highly adaptable creatures that often seek shelter under decks, sheds, porches, and homes. Although they can be cute from a distance, co-existing with these creatures for any length of time is a recipe for an eventual smelly disaster. Of course, there are other concerns to take into consideration when dealing with these critters. Keep reading below to find out the most common hazards associated with the presence of skunks.

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How to Eliminate Skunk Smell from the GarageThis is no surprise to the homeowner, but having skunks on your property significantly increases the chances of having to deal with their spray. Skunks can spray a powerful, noxious liquid from their scent glands for up to 3.5 metres. In addition, they can spray up to six times in a row! The biggest risk is to homeowners who have outdoor pets. We get weekly calls during summer months from people whose pets have been sprayed. It goes without saying that removing the skunks from your property is the best way to avoid this unpleasant scenario. 

As you probably know, removing the smell of skunk from your property, yourself or your pet is no easy task. The oil is difficult to clean up. It can linger for weeks and make it difficult for you to enjoy your property during that time.

Because they are creatures of habit, skunks will not up and leave one day on their own. you will have to force their hand. The safest and most efficient way to do this is to employ preventative measures. Simply trapping the skunk and relocating it will not deter other skunks from moving in right behind the previous tenants. Something attracted them there in the first place. Until that is dealt with you will be spinning your wheels. 

Rabies and Other Health Concerns

The skunk is a rabies-vector species— which means it can carry and transmit the rabies virus without showing any signs and symptoms of this viral infection. This makes them a real threat to both humans and pets alike. With bats or racoons, the disease will quickly debilitate the host animal leaving only a small window for them to spread the virus. With skunks, they can carry on for long periods of time without showing symptoms or being affected. Scarry stuff. When transmitted to you or your pet via a bite from an infected skunk, rabies can be fatal.

Skunks are also carriers of other serious diseases, including leptospirosis, intestinal roundworm, canine hepatitis, and distemper. They also carry fleas, mites, and ticks. No matter which way you slice it, it appears getting sprayed by a skunk should be the least of your worries.  There are so many other more serious threats these creatures can pose.

If you do suspect you have skunks living on your property it's important to act quickly. 

Property Damage

You take special care of your lawn and garden. It can be frustrating for all of your hard work to be destroyed thanks to a family of skunks digging all over your hard.

Grubs and worms live just below the surface of your lawn. Skunks dig and burrow where these grubs and worm are located. They create deep holes, one to three inches in size, in order to get to this food source.

Your perfectly maintained lawn and garden can be destroyed in a blink of an eye if skunks take up residence on your property.

To save your lawn, you should get skunk removal services.


If left alone, skunks are generally passive. When threatened, however, they attack. It is not a common occurrence, but if they feel threatened or are cornered; like most wild animals they can become aggressive when their self preservation instincts kick in. If you find yourself in a situation where you are confronted by an aggressive skunk. back away slowly, leave the area and immediately contact a wildlife removal expert. 

These attacks can cause serious harms to your pets and lead to costly vet bills for you. Of course, you want to keep your pets safe, which is why skunk removal should be a priority on your property.


Skunks are tenacious creatures. If they’ve made a home on your property, it’s going to be nearly impossible for you to evict them on your own. As hard as you try to prevent their re-entry, they’ll keep finding a way to come back, again and again.

A wildlife control company will have the means to evict skunks once and for all. They’ll trench around the skunks’ den, install one-way doors, and fasten the area. They’ll fill in the burrowed area leading to the den, while only leaving one way out for the skunks. With no way to get back into their den, the skunks will relocate themselves elsewhere. The den will then be back-filled and screened off.

When you have skunks on your property, make it a priority to evict them. Otherwise, you’ll face significant problems, from the stench of their spraying to a destroyed lawn. Most importantly, however, skunk removal will eliminate the health and safety risks that come with having skunks on your property so you can keep your family and pets safe from harm.

Skunk removal should only be attempting by trained professionals. 


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