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Mice are a huge problem when they get in your home. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take a while before you’re certain that you have a problem. Here are three signs that can help you determinewhether there are mice in your attic so you can take the proper actions.

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1. You Hear Scratching or Squeaking Sounds

This is probably the most obvious way to tell if you have mice in your attic. If you hear scratching or squeaking coming from the attic, walls, or in the basement, that’s an indication that there are mice sharing your home with you. 

These sounds can typically be heard at night, when the house is quiet. Mice will feel safe when there are no loud humans moving about. Mice are also nocturnal—while you’re out and about, they keep to their nests and sleep, but when the sun goes down, the mice wake up. Mice can still move about during the day, though, so take that into account when listening for animal sounds. 

Mice especially like attics since they’re typically dark and empty. The insulation works to keep these critters warm and they have plenty of space to move about and create nests. Mice can also be found in your walls and basement, although the attic is the likeliest place they’ll be found.

2. Visual Clues

Mice will leave some very clear visual clues that they’re invading your space. These can include droppings, as well as chewed and torn insulation and food packages. The majority of these clues will be in the attic where they make their nest, but you should also keep a look out in your kitchen. These critters are getting their food from somewhere, and what better place than the pantry? 

There can also be chewed baseboards or drywall. A mouse’s teeth never stop growing so they are constantly gnawing to keep them filed to a suitable length. If you find that you have new holes in your walls or that your baseboards appear to be shrinking, those mice are likely the cause. 

Another visual clue that there are mice in your attic, which may be a little less obvious, is rub marks and urine stains along your walls. Mice can leave a trail of grease behind as they move around your home. You may also see urine stains seeping through the drywall due to the mice urinating in between your walls. These signs will typically be along the bottom of your walls and baseboards.

3. Awful Smells

If your infestation has been going on long enough, then you’ll start to smell the mice as well. Urine and feces are not the most pleasant smelling things, and when they start to build up, you’ll really begin to notice it. Not only do these things stink, but they can also be harmful to your health. By breathing in the air contaminated by the urine and feces of mice, you’re risking contracting hantavirus and other diseases carried by mice. Mice are not only detrimental to your home, but also to your health.

Another thing that will create some awful smells are dead mice. The mice in your attic or throughout your home don’t live forever, so chances are there will be a couple dead ones if the infestation is left alone long enough. Make sure you take notice if you start smelling bad odours around your house and have an animal removal service come check it out immediately.


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