Bird Control & Removal

Bird Removal Services In ontario

All Wildlife Removal Inc. is a leader in the humane removal and control of birds of all kinds for residents in Southern Ontario.

For the most part, birds and pigeons can go undetected for quite some time – even several seasons – before the realization that the need for bird removal or control services is actually needed. At first families of birds start off very small and and go quietly undetected but if left alone for a period of time, you can find that you’re property has been substantially damaged. At this point, attic repair or restorations due to bird damage become a necessity.

Why else should I remove and control birds?

Birds that have become pests need to be removed for another important reason related to health concerns. For instance, aside from the damage bird droppings could create on your property, their feces can cause severe sicknesses to those who come in contact with it. Bird droppings don’t just sit in one spot either, eventually they spread to other areas through moisture, the wind, other rodents and the birds themselves.

All our bird removal and control services are humane and environmentally friendly. We provide our services to Southern Ontario.