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Bat Removal

All Wildlife technician holding a batWe are your bat removal experts in Southern Ontario. We offer a lifetime warranty on all complete bat prevention packages guaranteeing total removal and eviction of bats from your home, business or cottage. All Wildlife Removal Inc. does not use snap traps or poison to remove these pests as this can cause other problems. We pride ourselves in being a humane company.

The bat population in Ontario has been growing at a quicker pace over the past decade. Because their guano is exceptionally toxic, coupled with the recent rabies outbreak - bat prevention now more than ever is a top priority.

Evicting bats from your home is a surprisingly clean and 100% effective process for a wildlife removal expert. Because bat colonies usually contain dozens or even hundreds of individual bats, we must approach this process by addressing the building in question as a whole.

Bats are a protected species and as such there are regulations and stiff penalties regarding the season and methods employed in bat prevention and removal. We will touch on this extensively below.

Below is a comprehensive resource on bat removal and prevention. We have some helpful videos, links, and advice to help you permanently and humanely deal with raccoons.


Confirming It's Bats

Visual evidence

piles of bat guano

The easiest way to determine whether or not you are dealing with a bat colony in your residence is to keep an eye out for piles of guano. Bats are creatures of habits and this is a big help to us in identifying their potential presence. They will not only come and go through the same few entry and exit points, but they will also regularly relieve themselves as they squeeze in and out of the openings they use fo access.

Walk around the perimeter of your home keeping an eye on the ground for anything that stands out. Once you have completed that process, repeat but this time take a look at the siding, brick, soffit panels etc around your roofline for any signs of excrement.

If you have completed the above two steps and did not find any visual evidence of their presence. Chances are you are dealing with another species. Potentially mice or rats.

At this point, it's time to call a wildlife removal professional to have the situation accurately assessed.

hearing noises

Unlike any other species commonly encountered in residential areas; bats make very little noise as they take up residence in your attic, walls or ceiling. Occasionally a bat will get trapped in a wall cavity and will flutter its wings and scratch as it attempts to climb back out. But short of that, auditory evidence of their presence is rarely detected. So if you are continuously hearing scratching noises or scurrying, you may also have other uninvited guests as well as bats taking up residence in your home. 

time of day/year

bat hanging in atticFinally, the next best indicator to help you identify whether you are dealing with bats or another breed of urban pest is the time of day, and time of year you notice the activity.

First off let's address the time of year. Bats hibernate during the colder months. In Ontario, this typically falls between late November and early March, although the hibernating window changes slightly from year to year as the weather fluctuates.

There are two reasons why you may encounter bats during these colder months, either they have been tricked into believing its spring due to warm spell or the heating in your house. This is a syndrome called torpor. If you find a bat flying around your home in January, chances are you have a colony in your attic or walls and a few of them have been tricked into believing it's an early spring. Contact your local wildlife professional to have the situation assessed.

The other common reason you will see bats out during winter months is because of white-nose syndrome. This is a fungus that grows on their noses and is life-threatening. Bats in Ontario are at risk of being wiped out by this condition. Because bats afflicted by this condition need to constantly groom themselves, they deplete their food resources much quicker during the winter months. As a result, often times they wake up and need to leave their roost in search of sustenance.

The second indicator is the time of day. Bats are nocturnal creatures, and as such, it is rare to see them out during daylight hours. Many people assume that if you see a bat out during the day, it may be rabid. That is highly unlikely. Bats that are infected with the rabies virus quickly become weak and lethargic, often have difficulty flying and more often than not will isolate themselves in a dark, quiet place and wait for for the inevitable outcome.

Likelier than not, the reason for the animal to be out during daylight hours is simple survival. Often during heavy periods of rain or unseasonably cold weather, bats will not be able to catch enough insects during the evening hours to feed themselves. Therefore, they will venture out during the day when insects are more likely to be active.


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How We Evict Them


3 Ways to Protect Your Roof from an Animal Infestation--The first thing we need to do is inspect your house. Each case is completely unique and requires a tailor-made solution. It's impossible to even speculate what steps need to be undertaken until one of our technicians has had a chance to thoroughly inspect the exterior, roof, attic, and garage.

Our technicians are experienced and highly trained wildlife professionals. With over 50 years combined experience in-house, our team will be able to provide you with all the answers you need. Mouse prevention is a highly specialized area of pest control and wildlife prevention. It requires an attention to detail and a high level of expertise.

The inspection will take about 30 minutes and involves a thorough examination of all affected areas. Our technician will thoroughly inspect the exterior of the structure, get up on the roof and inspect the roof line, roof vents and plumbing vents and finally, we will have a look in the attic and any other relevant areas, such as garages and sheds. For bat exclusion, a lot of the story is told up in your attic. Bats tend to leave clear signs that to a trained professional will tell us approximate size of the colony you're dealing with, roughly how long they have been there and extent of damage done if any.

Upon completion, we will sit down with you and go over our findings in detail, after which you will be presented with an itemized quote for all the suggested preventative measures.


 BAT Removal Process

bat hanging outThe eviction process is simpler than you may think. It would be next to impossible to individually evict each and every animal. And as bats are a protected species, it is illegal to harm in any way or kill these little guys and gals. The only way to legally and effectively evict the entire colony is through thorough prevention measures and the use of a one-way-door system.

We seal up every possible entry point and place a one-way door on the main entry and exit point. These doors are basically cones placed on the exit areas with a much narrower opening at the end. The bats can crawl through the cone and exit, but will not be able to fly back in once they attempt to return. This will ensure they have locked themselves out permanently. Many bats will leave during the first night, however, it typically takes about 6 weeks to ensure the entire colony has been excluded. Once the animals are successfully evicted we return to remove the door and seal up the area.

Protected Species 

Because bats are a protected species in Ontario, it is illegal to do any bat prevention work in June and July. In Ontario, bats have their babies in the summer months. Until the babies are mobile, they need their months to survive. Therefore evicting bats from your home during these months would ensure the babies would not survive. If you detect bats in your home during these months, you will have to wait until August to have any prevention work competed. 


Prevention Measures

technician mouse proofing a home

Because bat colonies often house hundreds and even thousands of bats, attempting to trap or poison them is not only illegal but an exercise in futility. The only option is to employ a comprehensive exclusion process.

Once the one-way-door system is installed, we seal off all possible entry points. Reinforce any problem areas and offer you a lifetime warranty, thus ensuring your peace of mind and confidence in the fact this issue is dealt with permanently. Lastly, we decontaminate the affected area, riding the surfaces of the mice's hormonal scent. This drastically reduces the chances of new wildlife picking up the scent and attempting and join the party. 




Once we have removed the bats from your home, business or cottage we need to perform a thorough clean up. Body oils from nesting, urine, and guano will be scattered all throughout your attic, this is a haven for infectious diseases. Also, these scents can attract more bats in the future. You want to make sure you clean up the mess to protect your family's health.

Bat guano is also by far the most dangerous of all possible wildlife-related contaminants. there is a potentially deadly fungus found in bat guano called histoplasmosis. If the guano dries up and is disturbed and becomes airborne, inhaling these spores can be catastrophic.

Our team will clean up the affected areas, remove all excrement and thoroughly disinfect and decontaminate the affected areas. More often than not this is sufficient. If repairs need to be completed beyond the scope of our expertise, we work with several local contractors and can make some recommendations if necessary.

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