Mice Removal Services

Mice Removal Services

We are rat and mice removal experts in Southern Ontario. We are the only company that will and can offer a rat or mice removal services guarantee. We provide total removal and eviction of mice and rats from your home, business or cottage. All Wildlife Removal Inc. does not use snap traps or poison to remove mice or rats as this can cause other problems.

We use our exclusive 5-step removal process. If you are hearing scratching or gnawing noises at night, there is a good possibility you have a mouse issue. Make sure you call our rodent removal experts right away. Don’t let a small rodent issue in your home or business turn into a huge infestation problem.

Being in the wildlife removal and control industry for this long, we can safely say that almost 90% of the homes we visit either do have mice or have evidence of mice living there in the past.

Dangers of Not Removing Mice

Mice are very clever and only need a hole the size of a dime to invade your home. Once inside your home they begin a cycle of destruction and devastation. The quick removal of mice and rats is essential to stopping the situation from getting out of control. Rodent urine and feces left uncleaned from your attic can pose serious health problems. These smells can also attract more mice and rats. When you’ve got a mouse or a family of them in your house, you need to call the experts.

About 6% of deer mice can carry hantavirus in their urine, feces and saliva that can infect people. All mice and their droppings should be treated as infectious and dangerous.

Rodent issues can turn from a few problem rodents into a full blown serious infestation in a very short period of time. Mice breed at such a rapid rate that breeding with their sisters and brothers becomes automatic. One breeding pair of breeders can have 5-6 litters per year and have 6-8 babies each time.

The baby mice can start breeding with each other after a very short time. Within a one-year period, the two parents can turn into more than a hundred problem rodents. These mice/rats quickly take up residence in your attic insulation. Once all the real estate is taken up, they move down walls and in between floors, defecating and urinating and damaging your property.

Our mice removal experts do not use snap traps or poison. This only creates other issues such as the poisoning of other animals (owls, hawks, foxes, etc.). Traps will help control rodents that enter your living space of the home/cottage or office but will do nothing to control the population of rodents behind your walls.

Mice and Rat Removal Process

Complete home prevention/eviction is the only guaranteed way to remove all mice/rats humanely and permanently. Our mice removal experts can quickly inspect your home and attic for the presence of mice/rats. These rodents create holes and tunnels in your insulation and become a kind of “highway” or network of paths leading to various nest sites and food storage locations. When mice and rats create this labyrinth of trails, others follow due to the feces and urine trails left in their wake. Rodent issues will never get better on their own and need a seasoned professional approach to rectify.

Urine and Feces Waste Removal

Once we have removed the rodents from your home, business or cottage we need to perform a clean up. Body oils from nesting, urine and feces scattered all throughout your attic is a haven for disease. These scents can attract more rodents in the future. You want to make sure you clean up the mess to protect your family's health. Rodents are dirty animals and can carry diseases. Special care must be taken to clean up the urine and feces. This should not be attempted on your own and due to the dangers our rodent removal experts wear protective gloves and suits to avoid contamination.

When you have a mouse or rat issue, call us and set up a local inspection. Find out exactly what is happening in your home/cottage or office and remove mice and rats before further damage occurs.

Call us today for mice removal services in these cities: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Barrie, Brantford, Grimsby, Innisfil, Orillia, Milton, Brampton, Newmarket, Aurora, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Vaughan, Barrie, and Bradford.