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If you’ve discovered wildlife in your home, your first thought is to get these creatures out as quickly as possible. Your second thought is probably figuring out how to do so. Homeowners can choose from a variety of options to remove rodents and critters. No two options are the same, and each one has its own features.

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To get rid of these unwanted guests safely and permanently, choose environmentally friendly wild animal removal services. Keep reading to find out why.


Humane and environmentally friendly wild animal removal services know wildlife eviction isn’t simply a matter of getting the animal up and out, they understand the education required when placing animals in a new environment.

These services understand birthing and reproduction cycles, general species behaviour, and other relevant facts that are important to know when getting rid of wildlife in the home. They make sure to keep mothers and babies together for the greatest chance of survival. Environmentally friendly removal companies are knowledgeable about wildlife. They understand the impacts of incorrect removal, extermination, and other negative factors to the environmental sphere.

Wildlife removal services understand that animals are being driven out of their natural habitat and forced to find a new home, which unfortunately might happen to be yours. They avoid using inhumane methods or toxic chemicals that cause domino effects beyond the life of the rodent. Their first responsibility is to get the animal out with as little harm as possible while safely protecting everyone.

Ethical Capture and Relocation

Live animals cannot simply be trapped and relocated without a second thought as to where. This sort of thinking has harmful side effects, especially when executed by those without proper knowledge. Environmentally friendly wild animal removal services know where to place these animals to ensure survival and successfully find a new home, food, and shelter.

Regulations regarding trapping wildlife are plenty, but these companies know the rules: how to trap wildlife without causing unnecessary harm, which animals aren’t banned from trapping, and how far to release animals from the trap. A trapped animal is frightened and stressed. Humane services limit the amount of stress for the animal, while also ensuring no harm comes to it.

Animals that are placed in any natural habitat run into a multitude of problems, in addition to shelter and food. Territorial issues and competition with established wildlife is a constant threat for relocated animals. This disadvantage is thought of ahead of time in addition to establishing an adequate location. Relocated wildlife won’t survive anywhere it’s placed, and environmentally friendly removal services know this.

Recurrence Prevention and Long-term Solutions

Environmentally friendly wild animal removal services know it’s not just about getting wild animals out of your home, it’s about preventing them from returning and keeping other guests out. They take the extra step by proofing your home from future wildlife and providing long-term solutions that protect your home. Using one-way doors to get animals out and on-site location where the animal isn’t deemed a threat, humane wildlife removal brings a permanent solution to your situation.

After evicting wildlife, they’ll decontaminate the area to rid it of any trace of wildlife presence and to deter new animals from coming in. They’ll protect vulnerable areas in the home and seal up entry points susceptible to intrusion to prevent alternative entrances and new houseguests.

You can relax knowing you won’t have any unexpected tenants. Green wildlife removal companies provide a full range of animal proofing services and refitted exclusion points to keep your home wildlife-free. You won’t have to worry about animals making your home theirs.

If you’re dealing with a rodent problem, consider environmentally friendly wild animal removal services first.


Jessie Taylor

As a technician at All Wildlife Removal Inc., Jessie is passionate about animals. She loves the outdoors and did an Outdoor Adventure Naturalist program at college. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and going out birding.