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Professional Attic restoration is an integral part of wildlife removal. Not only does it make sure that all traces of wildlife are removed from your attic, but it also prevents an animal infestation from happening again in the future. 

It’s also very important to restore your attic immediately after you’ve had any sort of wildlife infestation. There could be all sorts of structural damage done to your house and it’s vital that you make sure any damage done is repaired immediately. If you leave it for too long or restore it incorrectly, the initial damage could be increased and the added cost for the renovation could be tens of thousands.

Prevention Measures

One of the main reasons people need to get attic restoration after they’ve experienced any kind of wildlife infestation is that it is the best way to prevent any future infestations. Your wildlife removal experts will have taken measures to ensure wildlife cannot reenter your attic, but by restoring your attic you make sure that there are zero signs of wildlife lingering in your house. 

One of the reasons people have recurring infestations is that they don’t take any restoration measures. Wildlife is attracted to any signs and smells left behind by their species. By ignoring the urine stains, feces, and pheromones from the previous infestation, you invite wildlife back into your home. 

By removing all traces of wildlife from your attic, you make sure your house is no longer contaminated and won’t draw any other wildlife back in.

Fixing Structural Damages

While it may be easy to ignore your attic and any damage done to it by your wildlife infestation, the sooner you restore it to its former glory, the better. 

Wild animals like mice and squirrels have teeth that are constantly growing. In order to keep them in check, they are constantly chewing on anything they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, their gnawing targets may be your wooden beams, paneling, soft concrete, or drywall. This damage can also include contaminated insulation. Insulation that has been chewed on, peed on, and ripped up becomes essentially useless and can lead to an increase in your heating and cooling bills. 

Depending on how bad your wildlife infestation was, the structural damage left behind can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. However, if this issue is ignored, the possibility of it worsening and costing even more is very high. It’s best to take care of structural damage before it gets too costly. The insulation will also need to be replaced, and that’s a cost you will continue to pay until you restore your attic.

Call the Experts

While attic restoration can be quite costly, especially depending on how much needs to be done, it’s an important part of wildlife removal. Restoring your attic after an infestation ensures your home is safe from any future infestations and it remains structurally sound. It’s best to deal with renovations quickly so as to prevent costs from rising, just like with wildlife removal. 

By calling the experts, you’re ensuring your attic is restored professionally and safely. You can rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about whether or not your ceiling will collapse on you or whether any wildlife will be drawn back to your house.


Liam Donnell

Liam takes pride in working as a technician for All Wildlife Removal Inc. In his free time, he loves being outdoors and enjoys skiing, fishing, and golfing. Raccoon? Bungalow? No problem.