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Have you discovered some new house guests in your home? If you’re looking to evict those unwelcome critters, enlist the services of a humane animal removal company. You’ll quickly discover the benefits of their safe practice and care for the environment. Here’s what you can expect when you choose green wildlife removal services.

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Permanent Eviction

Lady Holding Mouse  in kitchen A humane animal removal company knows wildlife removal isn’t a band-aid fix; it requires a long-term solution. Unlike other services, such as exterminators, humane wildlife removal uses a multi-stage process to safely evict animals, restore the home, and ensure wildlife don’t return.

Humane wildlife control uses a customized treatment plan that’s specific to your unique situation. Part of eviction requires understanding where animals are coming in to begin with, whether it’s through a broken window or a loose shingle. They know that not all animals need the same amount of space, and each crafty critter will find a different way in.

Exclusion and animal proofing methods are standard steps of the removal process. Green removal services know the job isn’t complete until all previous entries are patched up and potential entrances are sealed. They work to keep animals out now and in the future, not just until the next season.

Extensive Clean-up & Restoration

Humane wildlife control companies aren’t in and out of the home. They understand these unwelcome houseguests present a bigger problem than their presence alone. When animals come in to live, they build a cozy nest, leave urine and feces in the home, enjoy the food they foraged for, and much more. All of this activity creates a mess.

An important part of the job of a humane animal removal company is the clean-up process. This means conducting a thorough decontamination and sanitation process, making the home appear less appealing for potential new comers and getting the home back to its original state.

Unlike exterminators, humane companies handle and eliminate biohazardous risks, they ensure the home is free of feces and debris, and they clear any other material the animals might have gotten into. Rodents have a pesky gnawing habit where they bite into wooden beams, electrical wiring, and more to keep their teeth trim, and they’re likely to rip into insulation and other materials nearby. If animals have chosen the attic, attic restoration services become even more necessary. Attic restoration can improve your home and protect against wildlife.

From reinforcing drip edge to soffit repairs and insulation top-ups, thorough humane animal removal companies ensure your home is back to its wildlife-free state.

Respect for Wildlife

Are you wondering why you should use environmentally friendly wild animal removal services? Unlike another animal removal company, humane businesses understand the impact each critter has on the environment, and they work to maintain that balance. Common practice in humane wildlife removal includes methods such as one-way doors, where animals can go out but not come back in, and on-site release, a method that helps ensure the animal’s safety and the environment’s protection.

These companies understand safe eviction means decreasing the harm to the environment and animal. Eviction is a stressful situation for the critter, increasing their fear and anxiety. Humane wildlife control works to minimize this stress as much as possible, while keeping everybody’s needs in mind.

Wild animals are simply partaking in natural behaviour: survival. Yes, it’s a nuisance to discover animals living in your home, but they’re just looking for safety. Animal technicians understand the best seasons to evict wildlife, ensure mothers and babies stay together, encourage proper treatment, and are aware of different wildlife laws to implement the proper procedure and ensure animal survival. A humane animal removal company works without undue harm, pain, and stress on the animal while ensuring it makes your home wildlife-free again.


Dave Stipe

Dave is an All Wildlife Removal Inc. technician who has an Honours degree in Sociology from Bishops University, and a teaching degree from Charles Sturt University. Dave played football for 21 years, including a stint in the CFL with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He is also a big Blue Jays fan and an Olympic Ping Pong hopeful.