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“Anything that’s left untouched, if it creates an entry, is our problem, not the customer’s problem”

One of the strategies that we’ve developed with respect to wildlife removal is entry prevention. With wildlife and pest entry prevention, the whole home is inspected and each potential entry point is duly noted and dealt with accordingly.

Arriving at Oakville mice removal jobThis method is different than simply removing a raccoon or a squirrel from an attic, putting up a one way door and coming back to get it. Prevention ensures all entry points have been rooted out and adequately sealed up which becomes an assurance to the home owner that wildlife won’t be able to penetrate the home again in the future.

Full mice prevention in Oakville home

Like this Oakville removal job, this home owner opted in for full prevention of mice. Before contacting us, she had made contact with several pest control companies that did end up coming and giving her quotes but without doing any inspection work.

She didn’t feel comfortable with receiving a quote without knowing what work should be, or needs to be done, so she did more research and eagerly decided to give us a call.

If you watch the video below, you’ll be able to hear her story and see why she’s satisfied that she got in touch with us. You’ll also see the extent of the work we do to ensure wildlife has no chance of getting back in.

We keep in touch with our customers

In some industries, you can do work for a customer, and once the work is done, you can forget about them for the most part; this is not the case when it comes to pest control.

With pest control and wildlife removal, it’s important, and a part of our business plan that we keep in touch with customers and always respond to their calls in the case another problem arises.

We provide a guarantee on our work, so in the case that wildlife has caused more damage or breaks back in through an entry point, we expect a call from a customers and they expect us to come out and rectify the problem. There is no point in doing a sloppy job and hoping for the best.

See these following stories which shed light on the problem that various so-called wildlife removal companies place on home owners and the ensuing stress they cause them when their work is continually circumvented by pests like mice, raccoons, birds and squirrels.

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  2. Brantford: mother raccoon locked out by roofers
  3. Kitchener: how did these mice go unnoticed?
  4. Richmond Hill: raccoon removal company did it wrong
  5. Toronto: squirrel entry point missed

We keep in touch, we provide a guarantee and we ensure the entire home is secured from future intrusions through our competent prevention measures.

There aren’t many who can stack up against those kind of pest control services anywhere in the province. The examples of the jobs that were done in the above references do not happen with our work and are only a drop in the bucket of the shoddy pest control work we’ve encountered.

In house construction team

Wildlife prevention is definitely not only about removing a squirrel from an attic. It’s about knowing what to look for (inspection) and being able to repair damages that may be caused by the wild animal or caused during the extraction process.

Simply put, we don’t leave holes in walls if we have to extract a squirrel that’s stuck there.

Exposed breather bricks become mice entry pointsWe’ve sought out and hired onto our team several experienced construction workers who attend each job, participate in our removal process, and professionally repair any damage that has been done.

Wildlife does do damage, and knowing you’ve hired a team that will bring your attic up to code, install drip edge along your eavestrough, securely seal off all roof/air-vents, install insulation, install drywall and properly repair any damages, is what makes the process much less disturbing.

For instance in the video above about the Oakville home we mice-proofed, we didn’t actually provide a quote to clean out their breather bricks of which seemed to have been sealed off sometime in the past with styrofoam; but we still addressed the problem and rectified it properly.

If breather bricks are sealed up, moisture can gather between a home’s walls and generate black mould or cause all sorts of other problems. The problem with breather bricks is that they’re susceptible to intrusions by mice and bats and that’s one of the areas they frequently get into a home through.

So rather than slap up a few one-way doors and hope the mice don’t get in again, we tackled the problem with the choked breather bricks as an integral part of our whole work process. In the end the home became secured from future intrusions and the home owner was spared on-going disappointment.

We’ve seen it happen too many times and we simply know it’s not proper business practice to leave a customer out in the cold in such a manner. Most of the time home owners aren’t expecting this type of work and are surprised to discover wildlife prevention involves the securing of the whole home, and not only certain parts of it.

Go with full prevention

If you want peace of mind and to get your money’s worth, opt in for full prevention. Wildlife issues don’t go away if a home still maintains entry points so rather than take money out of your pocket for consecutive removal jobs (not to mention the cost of further repairs) opt in for having the full job done once. Unfortunately homes aren’t built with wildlife prevention in mind, but the positive takeaway is, you can upgrade your home at any time, and only need to have it done once.


Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens, co-owner of All Wildlife Removal Inc. provides wildlife animal and pest control services for most of Southern Ontario. His company All Wildlife Removal Inc. has been featured on several local news networks showcasing the wildlife removal services. All Wildlife Removal Inc. has been protecting homes and business properties from wildlife and pests with over 20 years of combined experience. Paul and his team of wildlife removal techs take pride in educating the community about wildlife removal and why choosing an accredited wildlife control company can save you thousands of dollars a year and keep your family safe.
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