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One thing we take tremendous pride in as a company is the feedback we get from our customers. Today we are taking it one step further and we are going to share one customer's story to help illustrate how devastating a mice infestation can really be. In this instance resolving the issue permanently cost this family in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

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Below is her story. She tells it like it is and her message to everyone is ultimately to get an inspection done; before you move into a home or even if you’re still living in your current one. As we always mention, mice and other pests can go unnoticed for many years and only an inspection will give you the answers as to whether it’s time to save some money on prevention before a problem starts.

Before we let you get into the nitty-gritty of our customer’s story below, we’d like you to watch this video which will show you how easy it is for mice to get into your home even if it’s brand new.

Here’s Her Story

mouse hiding in kitchenIn 2003 we moved into our circa-1960 home and on the very first night used the previous owner’s rickety old dishwasher. It flooded. We bought a new one. It flooded. Why? Plumbers arrived and, hidden under the kitchen kick plate was a dead mouse that had evidently chewed two holes in the old rubber drainage pipe that connected the dishwasher to the sink plumbing. Even the home inspector had missed the problem.

Those two tiny holes caused a ton of damage. The wood floor in the kitchen had to be replaced, as well as the ceiling in the finished basement, which had partially collapsed from the weight of the water. The space between the first floor and basement ceiling was inspected for mold damage but, luckily, there was none. Still, the estimate for repairs was shocking: $10,000—all caused by a mouse infestation.

We immediately called our home insurance company and were appalled to discover that our policy, like many home insurance policies, DOES NOT COVER damage due to rodents because the homeowners are deemed negligent for not preventing this damage by dealing with mouse infestations. Luckily, because we proved the damage was due to the previous homeowner’s negligence and that we had acted quickly and responsibly when the damage occurred, the cost of repairs ended up being covered.

Don’t Ignore a Mouse Infestation—It’s a Threat to Your Life

While our flood was bad enough, it could have been worse. Mice and other rodents gnaw on just about anything. What if they had damaged electrical wires? It’s been reported that when a household fire is deemed to be caused by “unknown origins,” it is usually an electrical fire caused by wires chewed by pests like mice. Imagine losing everything—and even possibly your life and the lives of your loved ones—all because you ignored a mouse problem?

That’s why, when our mouse problem came back, traps (live or otherwise, we had tried both) did not bring me peace of mind. I wondered: What about the mice that we weren’t successfully catching? And what about the ones we couldn’t see but could hear in the walls—the same walls where our wiring was concealed, and where I couldn’t inspect it for damage?

Why I Chose All Wildlife Removal Inc. to Get Rid of Mice

I needed a solution that would last. Luckily, I like to research. I went to the Internet and called a number of companies, like any smart homeowner, to get a few quotes.

Some answers I got were disheartening, such as “We don’t handle mice problems,” or “I can put down poison and traps, that’s about all anyone can do.” To that, I asked: “With poison, won’t the mice just die in the wall or heating vents and rot? And won’t other mice just keep getting in?” The answer: “Not much else you can do. Mice are too small. They just keep coming back.”

Then I found the All Wildlife Removal Inc. website. It looked promising. They said their work was humane, which was important because that meant they wouldn’t be using kill traps or poison, neither of which provide a humane or permanent solution. Most surprisingly, the website said: “Humane Mice Removal-100% Guaranteed.” I was impressed that they stood behind their work with a promise, and also by the testimonials and the press coverage, which detailed an organized approach to exclusion of the rodents and then extensive measures to prevent future issues.

When I called All Wildlife Removal, I spoke with a knowledgeable employee, who, because of the complexity of my mouse infestation and its long history, put me through to the owner. He listened carefully (which was crucial to me) and suggested we start with a thorough inspection.

Someone from All Wildlife Removal came the next day. I was impressed with how much time he spent assessing my home, including going into the attic – something no other company had ever taken the time and effort to do. He also went up on the roof, checked the vents and chimney, soffits, shingles, everything. He took detailed pictures of the numerous problem areas on the roof, which he showed me afterward. There were at least four active sites where mouse feces was clearly evident! The pictures were worth a thousand words.

Then one of their reps walked with me around the exterior of the house identifying other mice entry points, both those that were in current use (droppings were evidence) and those that were potential future problem areas. We looked at every crack and crevice in the bricks and siding, and gap areas between brick and siding—all possible entry points.

By the end of his visit, I had a better sense of the scope of the problem and why live traps and steel wool stuffed around pipes were totally insufficient in addressing our mice problem.

I was then given a detailed quote on the spot, clearly itemizing each area that they would fix. The proposed job was so much more thorough than ANY other company I had contacted and the quote was more than fair for the amount of work proposed. I was willing to pay if it meant we’d finally have a solution to the mouse infestation – that we’d finally have peace of mind.

Keeping Mice Out by Sealing the House

On the day of the job, All Wildlife Removal employees arrived on time and went straight to work, sealing the exterior of my house from outside, from the smallest dime-sized crack and hole to gaps between the roofline and soffit edge. One-way doors on all the active entry/exit points ensured that if there were still any mice “in residence,” they’d head out and NOT be able to re-enter. Caulking, metal-screening, even new shingles were applied professionally and neatly, seamlessly blending with the home’s existing materials so that the house wouldn’t look like it had been subjected to a patchwork repair job—in fact, it wouldn’t look as though there had ever been a problem.

When the crew from All Wildlife Removal finished, they left my home perfectly intact, cleaning up the job site professionally.

The Top to Bottom Approach Solved My Longstanding Mouse Infestation

Then the wait began. Would the mice really be gone after all this time and all this damage? Would All Wildlife Removal’s work pay off?

It was a moment of truth – or, more accurately, two weeks of truth. That’s how long I was told it would be until we knew for sure that no new activity was occurring.

I knew what to do in the meantime. I knew that if the mice were still getting in, I’d find their feces under the kitchen sink—the previous scene of the crime, if you will. And I’d hear them in the walls. So for two weeks, I looked and I listened.

I could hardly believe it. Nothing. No sound of skittering in the walls; no evidence of mice at all. I waited another two weeks—one full month, then two months from the date of the work. Fall turned to early winter and the temperature dropped—it was prime time for rodent infestations. Still nothing. No mice!

Finally, I could exhale. Our mice infestation was really over! A problem that the previous owners had ignored and cost $10,000 damage to our home, and that continued to plague us off and on for years was and is finally, successfully solved. My house is safe from flood and fire due to rodent infestation, and my family is no longer exposed to disease-ridden mouse urine or feces.

I sleep more soundly. I’m not afraid to open the cabinet under the sink. I’ve been given my home back by All Wildlife Removal—and my peace of mind. And that’s priceless. Thank you so much for your work!

Mice removal is complex process best left to professionals. 


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Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens, owner of All Wildlife Removal Inc. provides wildlife animal and pest control services for Southern Ontario. His company All Wildlife Removal Inc. has been featured on several local news networks showcasing the wildlife removal services. All Wildlife Removal Inc. has been protecting homes and business properties from wildlife and pests with over 20 years of combined experience. Paul and his team of wildlife removal techs take pride in educating the community about wildlife removal and why choosing an accredited wildlife control company can save you thousands of dollars a year and keep your family safe.