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Mice are drawn to attics like moths to a flame. Attics are dark, warm, and quiet. Plus, your home presents an excellent food source. Ignoring the signs of mice in attic is the worst decision you could possibly make. The problem will only continue to get worse. You need to get rid of mice in attic right away. That will save you thousands of dollars and lessen your stress.

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Mice will populate quickly if left to their own devices. This means the problem can get out of hand fast. By calling your wildlife removal experts, you’re making sure the mice in your attic are removed quickly and efficiently. You won’t have to worry about any lingering problems or having the issue drawn out. 

Animal removal experts know how to remove mice and other wildlife in a way that lessens the exposure to the contaminated dust particles mice leave behind. The urine and feces of mice can transmit various diseases, making it extremely dangerous for anyone who is not a professional to handle. 

The experts will keep you and your family safe from any disease the mice in your attic may have been carrying. While it may appear to be expensive to get experts to handle the issue, it will cost less in the long run. You won’t have to constantly call someone to remove mice because you didn’t do it right the first time.

Find out How They’re Getting In

Mice are very crafty. They only need a hole the size of a dime in order to squeeze their way in and make their home in your attic. It’s important to make sure you perform a thorough home inspection to identify any and all entry points. Mice can enter your attic through vents, gaps in siding or shingles, and cracks in your foundation. 

If you spy any potential openings for mice, immediately cover them up. You can use metal flashing or steel mesh in order to cover up any holes or gaps in your siding. It’s best to cover all of your bases and cover up holes and cracks, even if you don’t think they’re being used. A wildlife removal company with experience and expertise can do this work for you to ensure no holes are missed.

Attic Restoration

It’s important to restore your attic once the mice have been removed. Not only does this help restore the structure of your home, but it also ensures all traces of mice are removed. 

Mice are drawn to the smell of urine. It acts as a territorial marker; other mice will often urinate over it with their own in order to become dominant. This means that even if you have successfully removed mice in attic, there’s the possibility the rodents could return if you don’t take the proper precautions. 

By restoring your attic, you’re making sure that your attic, and the rest of your house, is safe for you and your family. There is no need to worry about mice and their diseases returning to your home to plague you.

Dave Stipe

Dave is an All Wildlife Removal Inc. technician who has an Honours degree in Sociology from Bishops University, and a teaching degree from Charles Sturt University. Dave played football for 21 years, including a stint in the CFL with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He is also a big Blue Jays fan and an Olympic Ping Pong hopeful.