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Those black-and-white striped critters have a serious self-defense weapon: a pungent spray. If your house smells like skunk, you want to get rid of the stench before it seeps into fabrics, upholstery, and other materials.

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There are many effective ways to eliminate a strong skunk smell in the house—most of which are incredibly simple. Keep reading.

Find the Source

You’ll need to figure out where the smell is coming from to eliminate it completely. Was the dog accidentally sprayed while outside in the backyard? Did a skunk spray too close to an open door or window? Were you accidentally caught in the crossfire?

Regardless of its origin, the smell will extend far and wide, but one spot will be particularly potent when compared to others. Once you’ve determined that spot, work there first to eliminate the strong skunk smell in the house.

Use Effective Home Remedies

The key to effective skunk smell removal is quick reaction. Before heading out to stock up on retail products, use items found around your home. Most people already have the necessary ingredients on hand.

A common skunk removal recipe includes hydrogen peroxide or vinegar, baking soda, and dish detergent. This foamy concoction cuts through the spray’s chemicals, breaking them down entirely, and it’s safe enough to use on pets, clothing, and furniture.

Be sure to keep the solution in an open container, as these ingredients can explode under a closed lid. Once you’re finished, get rid of any leftovers by diluting the solution with ample amounts of water before pouring it down the drain. Once you’ve started dissolving the stink, head to the store after to remove any lingering smell.

Don’t Skimp on the Vinegar

Vinegar already has a strong aroma, and while it may smell slightly acidic in the home, it works wonders at dissipating skunk odour. Pour vinegar in bowls and place them around the house at various heights and locations. After 24 hours, the remnants of skunk spray should have completely disappeared.

This strong smell doesn’t just cover up the smell or spread it around—it destroys odour. White vinegar may sound like a skunk spray removal myth, but it’s an effective home remedy that counteracts the natural oils in skunk spray.

Allow Plenty of Air Circulation

Opening windows in the dead of winter may not be your first choice, but consider opening one window in a room that’s used less frequently to allow some fresh air to circulate throughout the house. It’s important to recycle old air with clean, fresh particles. Stagnant air just makes it easier for the smell to seep into fabrics and clothes.

Turn on any and all electric ceiling fans to get the air moving and bring out stand-alone fans if you have them. As the majority of people keep their windows sealed tight at this time of year, use green air deodorizers, ones that dissolve smell, in conjunction with fans, repeating regularly until the odor subsides. All of these circulation tips help get rid of the skunk smell in the house.

Wash and Rewash

How long does skunk odour last? It’s unforgiving, and once it’s in a fabric, it can easily stay there. One wash might not be enough to destroy a strong skunk smell in the house. Bathe clothes in a vinegar bath and let them soak, then run them through the washing machine. If rewashing doesn’t do the trick, consider ridding yourself of the item entirely. Don’t throw anything in the dryer until you’re completely sure it’s stink-free, as the dryer will further seal in the smell.

If there’s a skunk smell in the house, you might have a skunk problem. Call wildlife removal services for an inspection and see how they can evict wildlife from your home.


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