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Drip Edge To Control SquirrelsWhen it comes to wildlife control and more specifically removing squirrels for good, this Hamilton home could have used reinforced drip edge.

But they didn’t and two previous wildlife control companies later, the squirrels have re-entered the home.

The Home Inspection of Wildlife Intrusion Points

What happened was, I got a call from a client in Hamilton Ontario seeking squirrel removal services. She was, even with the help of two other wildlife removal companies, unable to determine why squirrels were still able to get into her home.

I decided to do a thorough inspection of her home to figure out what is going on and found she didn’t have the drip edge reinforced on her home.

So what happened? The squirrels were still able to enter her home. This is a very common finding and it clearly illustrates why choosing an accredited wildlife removal company to control squirrel entry into your home is of the utmost importance.

Watch the video below to see a clear example of how a squirrel can get back into your warm and cozy home by just lifting the drip edge and crawling back in.

Why Is Reinforced Drip Edge So Important To Keeping Out Squirrels?

Squirrels aren’t the strongest animal in the wildlife kingdom, but they are powerful enough to lift lighter objects like unsecured drop edge and chew threw any barriers. With that kind of might, even if you’ve blocked all holes and other entry points from your home, with determination, a squirrel can still get in and through an unsecured drip edge is usually the way.

The attic is one of the best places for a squirrel to harbour in, so if they find an easy way like by-passing worn down drip edge, you can expect to hear them running through your walls and in your attic in no time.

What we at All Wildlife Removal does, is suggest to all our clients to either have drip edge installed or have it reinforced. Doing so will virtually ensure all wildlife including squirrels, bats, mice and birds have a very hard time getting back into your home.

How Else Do Squirrels Get Into The Home?

There are several ways for squirrels to get into your home and the list below can be used as a checklist, you can take with you while doing a personal home inspection. They are as follows:
Squirrel Removal Live

  • your best bet is to get rid of all holes as entry points into your home
  • make sure there is no broken windows anywhere in your home
  • make sure there are no cracks in the bricks of your home
  • get rid of all holes that may be present on your roof
  • fill up all holes in or on your chimney
  • don’t leave debris of any kind hanging around or inside your attic
  • fix gaps in the foundation
  • seal off any entry points that go to the attic, garage or basement
  • add a cap on your chimney
  • secure all secure soffits, exteriors, framing, Hvac, ventilation and so forth

And if you do happen to either see the squirrel that is in your home or come across evidence of them being there, be careful and call a professional. Wild animal debris from animals like squirrels (this included droppings and urine) can actually be dangerous to your health. Stay away and stay safe!

What Do I Do If A Squirrel Is In My Attic?

Stay calm and give us a call. Like this Hamilton family, if you aren’t sure or can’t find the area where any animal including a squirrel, has gotten into your home, it could be through your roof’s un-enforced drip edge or by not having drip edge installed at all.

Leave it to the humane wildlife control specialists – we take care of wildlife problems, so you don’t have to.

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