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Wildlife living in your home can reduce your property value. It’s necessary to seek professional animal removal services not only to remove the animals but to get your home back in shape.

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For those of you who have experienced wildlife issues, here are five ways wildlife control will improve your home.

1. Restoration

damage to a home by raccoons From chewed cables and ripped drywall to torn insulation and wood chippings, animals know how to leave a path of destruction. Wildlife control professionals are more than capable of fixing this path, as an important part of wildlife control is returning the home to its former, animal-free state. Structural damage isn’t good for the home. If it isn’t dealt with, it has a lasting impact on the home’s integrity.

Full restoration returns your home to its previous state and ensures space is both clean and safe. Wildlife professionals replace missing and contaminated insulation with fresh material. They’ll repair wooden beams, torn shingles, and other material, working closely with third-party businesses, such as attic repair companies, to restore your home. Wildlife control goes beyond evicting unwanted housegueststhey leave your home looking even better than before.

2. Decontamination

Animals leave behind a physical presence, commonly found in their droppings and food scraps, but also in a lingering smell. From their urine stains to feces pile to pheromones, it’s pretty obvious there were new houseguests in the home. Animals bring in stray materials, such as leaves and twigs, which they mix with interior materials, such as chippings and insulation, to create the base for their nests. When this evidence remains as is, your home remains an open invitation to potential newcomers.

Wildlife control companies sanitize and decontaminate the home to rid it of any animal presence, leaving the home looking, feeling, and smelling animal-free. Nesting odors and feces piles are removed and the space is cleaned of wildlife health-related issues. A fresh home is a feature that everybody can appreciate.

3. No Way In

mouse cant get in through prevention work The home is instantly improved when animals have no way of getting inside. Wildlife control treats and seals all entry points, both current and potential, ensuring you won’t get any future visitors.

Without prevention, new animals simply continue to find their way in using the routes already available. Animal removal services barricade any and all exit/entry points to prevent this. Wild animals aren’t easily deterred and they’re determined to gain access, whether it means tearing away at a weak vent cover or a loose shingle. Wildlife control uses expert animal-proofing methods to ensure they stay out.

You do not want to deal with animal issues over and over again. Different species will pick up on the hormonal scent of other aninals and attempt to break-in as well. Make sure it's dealt with professionally.

4. Money-Saving Strategy

All of these tactics save you money in the long term. When you’re not fighting animal intrusion, your home isn’t being damaged by unwelcome tenants. The damage animals cause not only weakens the home, it makes reparations necessary, and this comes with a costly price tag.

Missing insulation makes it easier for cool air to seep into your home, and you, in turn, end up turning the heat up without fully realizing why. Wildlife control combats this with efficient methods, not only by replacing insulation but adding tools such as weather stripping. These proactive measures save you money and keep your home efficient. Everybody can get on board with a lower heating bill.

5. Overall Improved Value

All of these factors work together with one main goal in mind: increasing your home’s overall value. When wildlife control companies manage and repair animal problems, your home stays clean, safe, and healthy. Animal control can prevent wildlife from taking up residence in the home and ensure it stays that way. A safe home is good for you and your family.

There are wildlife control products that simply don’t work. Wildlife control is not one of them. It’s a permanent solution that goes beyond evicting the animals to improving your home.

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Brandon Fleming

Brandon has been part of the All Wildlife Inc. family as a technician for five years. Outside of work, his go-to activities include camping, fishing, and hiking. Brandon loves the opportunity to work with beautiful and smart animals every day on the job. He enjoys meeting new people and helping animals find a safe place to live (outside of your home) and couldn’t be happier doing this work.