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You’ve finally gotten rid of the wildlife problem in your attic. The animals were safely and humanely evicted from your home, and they’re back to living outdoors where they belong. You breathe a sigh of relief.

But then you look at your attic and it’s a complete mess! Damaged. Infected. Destroyed.

Many homeowners don’t realize evicting wildlife isn’t the end of the process. You may also need attic restoration services to get your attic back to pristine conditions.

Not sure if you need attic restoration? Look out for these telltale signs.

1. There’s a Noxious Smell Emanating from the Attic

Though the wild animals left, their excrements didn’t go with them. Feces and urine remain all over your attic. And depending on how long the animals were in your home, there can be a lot of it. You could also be smelling old food the animals brought in and potentially and the odours of decaying carcasses. It’s no surprise then that you’re smelling some terrible odours from up above.

If there’s a noxious smell that just won’t go away, you’re going to need attic restoration services in order to clean up and decontaminate the space.

2. Your Insulation Is Destroyed

Your insulation is the perfect material for nest building. Wild animals will rip it apart in order to use it. What’s more, insulation is also the perfect hiding place where wildlife can be out of view and still keep warm. Of course, while they’re hiding in your insulation, they’re going to leave feces and urine behind. On top of that, some rodents will destroy your insulation by creating tunnels in it to get around.

If your insulation is destroyed, your energy costs will soar. You need the stained, damage insulation removed and replaced. Attic restoration specialists can do this for you.

3. You’re Concerned about Health Risks

You have a right to be concerned about health risks after you’ve had wildlife living in your home. Many wild animals can spread bacteria, viruses, ectoparasites, and fungi, some of which can go airborne. For example, mice are known carriers of hantavirus and bats and birds can spread histoplasmosis. Your family and pets could be at risk.

Attic restoration specialists will decontaminate and sanitize your attic from top to bottom and in every corner and hiding place to ensure no health risks remain after an infestation.

4. There’s Structural Damage

Unfortunately, the materials used to build your home are no match for wild animals. Mice and squirrels in particular can chew through just about any material including wood, drywall, metal, and soft concrete. They can cause significant structural damage.

Wild animals will also destroy parts of your roof if they have to in order to get into your home. Your vents, soffits, shingles, and more could be damaged.

Restoration specialists will take care to repair any damage caused by wild animals.

5. You Don’t Want Other Animals Coming In

You’ve just dealt with a frustrating and stressful wildlife situation. The animals have infected and destroyed your attic. The last thing you want is another wild animal—or family—finding its way back in. But if all you do is evict the current animals and go back to your daily life, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

You need a home inspection to identify the entry points used and to identify any other points of entry that could be used in the future. Then, you must correctly seal up the holes and reinforce vulnerable areas. Attic restoration specialists can reinforce your home to ensure no other animals get in. That’s a guarantee.

If you’ve had wild animals living in your attic, particularly if they’ve been in there for a long time, chances are you need restoration services to get your attic back to tip-top conditions.


Jessie Taylor

As a technician at All Wildlife Removal Inc., Jessie is passionate about animals. She loves the outdoors and did an Outdoor Adventure Naturalist program at college. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and going out birding.