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The market for mouse removal products is big. So many options exist for homeowners to choose from, but no two work the same, and they’re not all effective at getting rid of mice. For homeowners unsure what to use to get rid of mice in the home, don’t bother with the five mouse removal ideas below.

1. Poisons

Yes, poison is effective at killing mice, but it’s not effective as a mouse removal tactic. The poison takes time to kick in, giving the mouse enough time to go back to its nest or another part of the home. If it doesn’t make it all the way back, homeowners are left removing a dead mouse from somewhere in the home. 

Mouse poison is harmful for the environment. Its use threatens everyone’s health. Curious pets or children might get too close upon noticing the poison’s colourful pellets around the property. This often ends with an unexpected trip to the hospital or vet. Poison won’t keep new mice from coming in—it only rids the home of the mice currently living there. For a long-term solution, poison isn’t the answer.

2. Traps

Similar to poisons, traps don’t deal with the root of the problem, and handling the cleanup and disposal is a potential safety risk that could put you into contact with diseases and bacteria. A variety of traps are available on the market for homeowners, and knowing the right one to use ahead of time requires some knowledge and research. Each one works differently, and some traps are better than others. 

Traps need to be placed in certain locations. Placing them anywhere around the home is ineffective and results in not catching any mice at all. At the end of the day, traps are a Band-Aid solution that doesn’t completely handle the entire situation, leaving behind the nest, droppings, and presence of mice in the home.

3. Home Remedies

People often see home remedies advertised as effective mouse removal solutions, and they like the alternative option that keeps mice alive and gets them out. Unfortunately, home remedies are often ineffective, and again, they don’t address the root cause that attracts mice.

Mothballs are one popular option, however, they’re a poison, and mice are smart enough to work around this deterrent. They’ll simply find another entrance that isn’t surrounded by mothballs. Ultrasonic devices are meant to deter mice by emitting a sound at a frequency only they can hear. These devices lack proof this method works, and mice sometimes get used to the sound, to the point where it no longer bothers them. These are humane alternatives, but they still don’t fully solve the problem.

4. Neglected Entrances

Homeowners need to figure out where the mice are coming in. Leaving holes unprotected gives mice ample opportunity to enter the home. Fill gaps in with a caulking or sealant as necessary, and use mesh screens to keep mice out.

Mice can squeeze through any nook and cranny, so homeowners should take extra steps to prevent them from doing so. Stay vigilant about holes and vulnerable areas around the home. It doesn’t take much for a mouse to find a route in.

5. Ignoring the Problem

Mice will invade a home rather quickly. Their rapid reproduction rate makes it difficult to keep mice out long term if there are no preventative measures in place. Failing to treat the problem by not getting professional help makes it harder to evict mice, and it means more work when dealing with cleanup and restoration.

Let professional mouse removal services clear your home of unwanted houseguests. They understand mice behaviour, have effective practices that work, and will implement preventative measures to ensure mice don’t return. Once mice are comfortable in their new digs, won’t leave on their own, despite what you may think. Wildlife removal services can help you keep your home mouse-free.


Paul Stevens

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