Bat Removal Services

Bat Removal Services in Ontario

All Wildlife Removal Inc. has become a leader in the humane removal of bats in Toronto, Ontario. Bats usually go undetected for several seasons before a home/property owner realizes there is need for bat removal services. Bat colonies can start off very small and undetected. When bats are left alone their populations can double in size annually.

All Wildlife Removal Inc. has bat removal experts that specialize in the humane removal of these special creatures and can remediate the damage.

Bats are a protected species in Canada as well as other parts of the world. You should only call an experienced bat removal expert if you find bats in your home. It is an offence to kill any bat and fines can reach $10,000 per animal. Bats are an integral part of our ecosystem and consume up to 3 times their body weight each night in insects, such as mosquitoes. Bat populations are down because of “white nose syndrome”. This is a fungus that grows over the bats' faces while in temporary hibernation and suffocates them while resting, completely decimating colonies.

All wildlife Removal Inc. can guarantee humane and safe removal of all bats in/on your property

Hundreds of property owners just like you have called upon our expertise to solve their bat removal issues, and remediate any damage the bats have caused.

Bats carry bat bugs, rabies and their guano can carry capsulatum histoplasme. Bat bugs are almost identical to bed bugs and need microscopic examination to positively identify them. Bat bugs live and feed on bats and their blood, however they can also live off other warm blooded animals including humans. Bat bugs can become a very serious problem all on their own resulting in more expenses.

Rabies is common in animals such as skunks, foxes and bats; however bats can live a full productive life living with rabies. Capsulatum histoplasme is carried in some colonies and can be released in the guano or feces. If disturbed the feces and the H.capsulatum becomes airborne; it can develop into a respiratory illness called histoplasmosis and is particularly dangerous to young children and the elderly. Cases have been known to cause blindness, lung disease and even death.

Safe and humane bat removal is vitally important to your health as well as the bats'. Large fines that can reach $10,000 per animal can also be avoided. Bats need only a hole or crack the size of a dime to gain entry; therefore sealing the entire home is essential in the prevention process.

Removal of bats requires the right time of year as baby bat season falls right in the middle of summer, limiting the eviction process to before and after baby bat season.

Bats carry disease and parasites that are harmful to humans and should be handled by professionals.

Our experienced Toronto bat removal services experts will quickly identify the bat species, size of colony and identify steps required for the removal, prevention and restoration that is required.

Why use us to handle your bat removal issue ?

  • We stand behind our bat removal services work.
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  • We go the extra mile to make certain the job is done right the first time.
  • Our bat removal technicians can quickly solve all of your bat problems.
  • We provide full services from eviction to remediation.
  • Bats can carry diseases which can be dangerous to humans.
  • Please call us now to handle your bat removal issues.